Easter egg hunt

More than five dozen residents enjoyed the annual Easter egg hunt Saturday, March 16, at the park.

Families reveled in the excitement and enthusiasm as their two dozen young charges participated in wheelbarrow, egg-and-spoon, and three-legged races before culminating with the egg hunt. Even adults tried the three-legged races.

Emcee Marc Sandal was a big hit announcing the hour-long event in room-temperature weather under light clouds.

Making it all possible were board members, Roxanne Fackler, Kiki Contreras, Susan Tuttle, Pat Nolan, Ana Flores and Jim Carnal, and volunteers Dan Tuttle, Molly Carnal, and coach Sandal’s Bakersfield High School baseball players Rhayme and Noah.

Race winners included: Aiden, Daniel, Emmy, Sofia, Athena, Kramer, Joey and Grayson.