M&S Security thwarts theft of catalytic converter

In early April, Dennis Jones got a knock on the door of the Park Stockdale home he’s lived in since it was built in1969.

It was 3 a.m.

“This is M&S Security. Can you open the door?,” Jones recalled.

“No,” he replied.

“Look out your window at my truck,” Jones recalled the man saying.

It was an M&S Security truck.

The security officer said he came across a man with his feet dangling out from under Jones’ company van.

When the officer shined his lights on him, he lit out with a female accomplice.

Nine months earlier, someone had stolen two catalytic converters for their platinum from his van parked in front of his home. Replacing them cost $1,185.

His van won’t fit in his garage, but now he parks it in his driveway. By his two  watchdogs.

The M&S Security patrols of Park Stockdale are one of the benefits of the dues neighbors pay.

 “It is really important that Park Stockdale has this service. That is great that someone is going around checking,” Jones concluded.