Girl Scouts treat seniors

Girl Scout Troop 8121 rocks!  🤦 👧 🤷
😄 Thirty Park Stockdale seniors shared breakfast together this morning. As part of their community outreach, Girl Scouts prepared a feast including: 🥞pancakes, eggs, 🥓bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, orange juice and coffee.
The oldest Park Stockdale residents were acknowledged with smiles 🤗, prizes and applause. Numerous people said they had a great time and their facial expressions confirmed it.
Three firemen from Fire Station 11 shared safety tips and answered questions. Capt. Frank said don’t call 911 in non-emergencies when you need help to get a non-injured person up.  Instead call (661) 324-6551.
Funds were provided by Thrivent Action Team.
Suggestions for future activities are welcome, 323-4302.