Walk N Wheels/Movie in the Park

More than 60 Park Stockdale residents and their guests enjoyed the first Walk N Wheels at 6 p.m. Friday, May 13, followed immediately by a movie night in the park at 7:30.

About 30 residents and guests rode bicycles, tricycles, skateboards or scooters  or pushed baby strollers around the neighborhood.

The theme was tutus and boas and many dressed up themselves and their mode of transportation to cruise the neighborhood and have fun.

The group returned and mushroomed to more than 60 for barbecued hot dogs and a movie in the park, complete with fresh popcorn.

Residents who donated supplies and time were:
board members Jim Carnal, Kiki Contreras, Roxanne Fackler, John Prince, Dennis Shea and Susan Tuttle and community members Ana Flores,
Dan Tuttle, Arlene Jaramillo, Becky Powers and Kalani Tamondong.