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IMG_3464A shark, witches and superheroes were among the 70 similarly costumed children who took over the Harrington Park parking lot during the annual Halloween costume parade Oct. 27.

Firemen from local Station 11 were on hand to guide the pint-sized paraders as they marched around the fire engine. Firefighter Lyle Drake gave a presentation as Capt. Curtis Webb and engineer John Sturgeon handled crowd control for the 19 families in attendance.

The children received bags of candy. Some even got gift cards for kids meals donated by Chick-fil-A.

The event was organized by board members Roxanne Fackler, Kiki Contreras, Ana Flores and Susan Tuttle. Residents Katrina Cleveland and Melissa Martinez rounded out the committee that put together the event hosted by the Park Stockdale Civic Association.