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  • Safety and security meeting

    Safety and security meeting

    Five representatives from the Bakersfield Police Department gave a presentation on neighborhood safety and security issues Wednesday morning in the hall.
    Bakersfield Police Department Community Relations Specialists Noemi Bachman and Darian Hensen-Garcia shared ways to increase security in our neighborhood.

    Bakersfield Police Department Officers Delfin and Dickson and Senior Officer Marquez answered many questions from a vocal group of residents.
    Noemi reminded residents to always make sure you take everything out of your car so that no one wants to break into your vehicle.
    Darian said it’s a lot more difficult to break into your house if you have everything locked up.
    Senior Officer Marquez said thieves have sophisticated devices that are able to capture your garage door opener code. They all confirmed Code Enforcement as our resource for property problems like persons living in trailers or RVs in driveways or the street. For abandoned vehicles on the street, call BPD.


    BPD officers Delfin and Dickson and senior officer Marquez


    BPD Community Relations Specialist Noemi Bachman