Christmas home winners

109 Angell Street

409 Carr Street















5904 Cochran Drive







6108 Cochran Drive










901 Elsey Street







400 Gabriel Drive




5908 Hesketh Drive










5609 Kleinpell Avenue








6000 Preston Court








6013 Friant Drive











6401 Hartman Avenue
















Thank you so much for all who took the time to decorate their homes. It’s a beautiful tour around the neighborhood.

The home with music that plays in coordination with the lights is 5908 Hesketh Drive. Turn your radio to 99.9 fm.
The home where you can press a button to make snow and fog fall on the decorations is 901 Elsey Street.

The home with a beautiful nativity set is 6000 Preston Court.

The number of inflatable decorations has increased delighting the children.

These are some of the best homes in the neighborhood as judged by four adult and four child residents. Board Vice-President Roxanne Fackler spearheaded the project. Winners each won gift certificates for a dozen Foster’s donuts.

Park Stockdale certainly has the Christmas spirit.