A Review of 2020 Park Stockdale improvements


PSCA president

The Park Stockdale Board of Directors voted to increase homeowners’ dues from $18 a month to $21 a month effective back on Jan. 1, 2020. The board was considering raising dues again in 2021 but then the Covid pandemic hit with its resulting economic devastation. The directors deferred any more increases until the economy improves.

Here is a list of some of the bigger items that the dues increase helped fund.

–Trimmed all park trees of dangerous branches. Some trees had broken limbs just waiting to fall.

–Repaired and repainted the exterior of all buildings, including the wrought iron fencing. The exterior had not been painted for at least 15 years.

–Ground down level all concrete in the pool area (tripping hazard).

–Puttied and repainted cracks and lines on all four tennis courts.

–Created the ParkCourse designed for children.

–Replaced the newsletter with our new website, parkstockdale.org, to save money and go paperless.

–Reseeded and fertilized the lawn.

–Repaired the roof and a bathroom wall after a leak caused water damage.

–Replaced a broken pool skimmer.

–Planted replacement seedless liquid amber and raywood ash trees.

–Added office security screen door.

There is still much to do, according to the 2019  reserve study commissioned by the board.

–Replace the Harrington Park sign.

–Repair or replace the two park barbecues.

–Update the playground equipment.

–Replace the roof.

–Install rooftop solar to save energy expenses.

–Repave the parking lot.

–Resurface the tennis courts.

–Refurbish the hall.

–Replenish the reserve account.