Park Stockdale

Park Stockdale is a neighborhood of 578 homes located in beautiful southwest Bakersfield With entrances at Rio Bravo DrIVE and Lennox AveNUE. Park Stockdale is a quiet, mature community with a distinctive character not seen IN the newer housing tracts where it is difficult to tell one house from the next.

Residents enjoy community amenities including four full-size tennis courts, a five-lane, 75-foot-long swimming pool with diving board, Harrington Park – a private community park/playground, and Frank Weldon Community Hall – the neighborhood community center. Regular neighborhood activities include T-Ball, bi-annual neighborhood-wide yard sales, and seasonal neighborhood events.

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Christmas party

Christmas at Harrington Park will be held Friday, Dec. 17. Drive your decorated car to the park. Line up at 5:30 p.m. At 6, we will parade through all four quadrants of the neighborhood.

Then bring blankets and chairs to watch an outdoor Christmas movie. Free pizza from BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse and popcorn will be served in the pavilion. Hope to see you there.


Christmas home judging

             Who’s been nice with their Christmas home decorating this season? Which homes shine with Christmas cheer?

Three board members from the Park Stockdale Civic Association will tour the neighborhood Monday, Dec. 20, to determine 10 top decorated homes.

Winners will each receive a dozen donuts and their homes will be featured on this Park Stockdale home page.

Homeowners must be current with their dues to be considered.


Thankful poster

The board of directors has posted a poster outside the hall for residents to share what they are thankful for during this Thanksgiving season.

           Pictured, Nehemiah Perez is thankful for       family and friends.

Bring your own Sharpie or pen.


Halloween Extravaganza





































A T-Rex, several young superheroes and a pint-size football player, along with about 30 similarly costumed children took over Harrington Park in the annual Halloween costume judging party Oct. 29.

Firemen from local station 11 judged the colorful contestants as they marched behind firefighter Brian Cushnyr around the fire engine. Spoiler alert: all the children won. Jason Martinez, 11, in the T-Rex costume, was a big hit. They received Halloween decorated donuts from Foster’s and gift cards for kids meals donated by Chick-fil-A.

Cushnyr and engineer Steve Munoz gave a tour of the fire engine and offered up safety tips as Capt. Steve Woodward watched.

Next the party of at least 73 residents moved to the pavilion and playground where board member Susan Tuttle passed out dinner tickets for hot dogs grilled up by board member John Prince II and Dan Tuttle. Prince also donated two decorated sheet cakes and provided the decorations including a couple of banjo-playing skeletons.

Three jack-o’-lanterns were judged in the newly added pumpkin carving contest. “Olaf” from the Disney movie “Frozen” was the winner.

The event was organized by board Vice President Roxanne Fackler and Prince. Board members Jim Carnal and Matt Coleman also attended the event hosted by the Park Stockdale Civic Association.

Residents said the event was fun and that they enjoyed getting to see their neighbors.






Halloween Extravaganza

The Park Stockdale Civic Association is hosting a Halloween Extravaganza for residents from 4-6 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29.

Young children are invited to participate in a costume contest judged by our Station 11 firefighters in the parking lot at 4. Prizes include gift certificates for kids meals donated by Chick-fil-A and handcrafted Halloween donuts from Foster’s.

Residents can view a fire engine up close.

At 5, the party shifts to the park pavilion for free hot dogs and chips served up by the board members who organized the event, Roxanne Fackler and John Prince II.

At 5:30, residents will judge a jack-o’-lantern contest. Sculptors should bring their pre-carved pumpkins and candles to the pavilion by 5.



Volunteers cover pool

Board member Matt Coleman, Eli Hamm, Buster Beene, John Prince III, Martha Prince and board member Dennis Shea (pictured) as well as board members Tom Bell and Jim Carnal covered the Park Stockdale swimming pools for the winter on Oct. 9.