Park Stockdale

Park Stockdale is a neighborhood of 578 homes located in beautiful southwest Bakersfield With entrances at Rio Bravo DrIVE and Lennox AveNUE. Park Stockdale is a quiet, mature community with a distinctive character not seen IN the newer housing tracts where it is difficult to tell one house from the next.

Residents enjoy community amenities including four full-size tennis courts, a five-lane, 75-foot-long swimming pool with diving board, Harrington Park – a private community park/playground, and Frank Weldon Community Hall – the neighborhood community center. Regular neighborhood activities include T-Ball, bi-annual neighborhood-wide yard sales, and seasonal neighborhood events.

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M&S Security thwarts theft of catalytic converter

In early April, Dennis Jones got a knock on the door of the Park Stockdale home he’s lived in since it was built in1969.

It was 3 a.m.

“This is M&S Security. Can you open the door?,” Jones recalled.

“No,” he replied.

“Look out your window at my truck,” Jones recalled the man saying.

It was an M&S Security truck.

The security officer said he came across a man with his feet dangling out from under Jones’ company van.

When the officer shined his lights on him, he lit out with a female accomplice.

Nine months earlier, someone had stolen two catalytic converters for their platinum from his van parked in front of his home. Replacing them cost $1,185.

His van won’t fit in his garage, but now he parks it in his driveway. By his two  watchdogs.

The M&S Security patrols of Park Stockdale are one of the benefits of the dues neighbors pay.

 “It is really important that Park Stockdale has this service. That is great that someone is going around checking,” Jones concluded.

Seven board members elected

Congratulations to incumbents Pam Bailey, Tom Bell, Roxanne Fackler, Dennis Shea and Susan Tuttle who were re-elected March 29 to two-year teams on the Park Stockdale Civic Association board of directors. They will be joined by newcomers Rachel Kirk and Johnathan Porchia.

T-ball sign-ups

T-ball sign-ups will be held from 9 a.m. to noon this Saturday (March 20) at the Park Stockdale Community Center, 205 Rio Bravo Drive.

T-ball is for ages 4-8 with the stipulations that the youngest must be at least 4 by Jan. 1, 2021 and the oldest must still be in second grade.

Cost is $43 for Park Stockdale residents; $45 for non-residents.

There will be four teams; 15 players per team. Games and practices will be from 5:30-6:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays. Season starts April 6 and ends June 3.

For more information, call director Tom Bell, 322-2801.

Compliance with state and county Covid-19 guidelines is required.

Park Stockdale yard sale

After a year’s absence, the Park Stockdale semi-annual yard sale returns. The sale will be held from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday, April 10. Please follow all Covid guidelines.
The fall sale is scheduled for Oct. 2.

New park sign

Kern General Construction replaced the dilapidated wooden Harrington Park sign on March 8 with a steel sign that matches the wrought iron fencing and exterior building colors.

new sign

Board elections

The 11-member Park Stockdale Civic Association board of directors is having an election this month (March 2020) for seven directors, who will serve two-year terms.
Five incumbents, Pam Bailey, Tom Bell, Roxanne Fackler, Dennis Shea and Susan Tuttle, are joined on the ballot by Kiki Contreras, Rachel Cook and Johnathan Porchia.

Ballots have been mailed and are due back to the office by 7 p.m. March 29.

Candidates were invited to submit a candidate statement about themselves. So far, four have responded. If more come in, they will be added here.

Kiki Contreras

“Hello my name is Kiki Contreras, I moved here from Paso Robles in 2014 and purchased my home, June of 2018. I love our small hidden gem but I have concerns as to what’s happening in our area. The increase of break in, noise, traffic, mail and package theft, etc…is a concern for me and many I’m sure. As a former coach, board members for a non-profit organization, and volunteer for a few veteran organizations and schools functions, I know If elected I will do my best to put my experience to good use and help put or implement new ideas to help us get our community back to safety. Together we can make a difference. Together we can do it!

Thank you”

Jonathan Porchia

“My name is Jonathan Porchia, I am a new Homeowner here at Park Stockdale! I am 25 years old & I own 2 Online businesses with my Fiance. Owning an online business gave me the pleasure of working remotely. I spent a lot of time seeing some of the most amazing places in the world including Tokyo Japan, Beijing China, Bali Indonesia, Vietnam & one of my favorites Thailand. I am interested in being on the board to ensure the integrity of our neighborhood. This includes keeping dues low, making sure our neighborhood is safe, & making sure amenities are kept looking nice & clean. Im honored to serve the community if I have the chance. Thank You!”

Roxanne Fackler                                           “Serving on the board for the past two years in the positions of Vice President and Community Activities has been an enjoyable challenge for me. I have lived in Park Stockdale since 1976  but was not active in community events until recently. Returning to an active Community is one of my goals. Watching Mailman Joe at his retirement party was great. He loved seeing so many of you honor his service. He still walks our streets. It has been fun to observe your  faces when giving you prizes for your decorations at Christmas and Halloween. I’m hoping to inspire healthy lifestyles with the ParkCourse and the proposed ParkWalk. The past year’s Covid limits have been so frustrating. Canceling the Easter Egg hunt, costume contest and bike rodeo was disappointing. I have loved proposing and presenting activities; would like to continue on the Board to resume and increase our activities.”

Rachel Kirk
“My husband and I are new residents of Park Stockdale having moved here from Ventura County! I am a mother of 5 and own my own Social Media Marketing business. I am interested in being on the board because I want to help care for our community and ensure my family is living in the best version of our neighborhood that they can. Keeping our dues low while maintaining the neighborhood amenities is of great importance to me. I look forward to having the opportunity to serve our community in this capacity.”