• Swim season extended

    Swim season extended

    The Park Stockdale pool traditionally closes on Labor Day but this year the swim season has been extended. Swimming will be offered from 4-8 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays through Sept. 27.

  • New sanitation engineer

    New sanitation engineer

    Our new sanitation engineer Giovanny said Park Stockdale is a really nice neighborhood and wants to thank residents for all the friendly waves. Gio replaces Lorenzo Castilleja, who was featured in the July 2020 newsletter, who has been moved to lighter duty due to health issues.

    Gio was observed climbing out of the truck to move a can closer to the big forklift arm. When vehicles are parked on curves, it’s a tough reach. Please place cans apart but close to the street. And keep waving at those who serve our neighborhood.


  • Welcome to the new Park Stockdale Website!!!

    Welcome to the new Park Stockdale Website!!!

    Beginning September 2020, Park Stockdale Civic Association will be developing this website to distribute information to the community as a replacement for the monthly newsletter. This will allow information to be distributed in a more efficient and timely manner. Please let us know if you have any suggestions regarding its development. Looking forward to hearing from you soon: Thank you.